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Get to Know Bali

  • Visit AMO Spa for a Pedicure and Manicure
  • Getting a pedicure and manicure in Bali is not going to be difficult at all. You only have to know which is the best nail salon. You cannot simply pop into any salon in Bali, after all, it’s the matter of your well-groomed appearance. That’s why AMO has introduced its high-end nail salon where you can experience a great service and pamper from the experts. Your hands and feet will be soaked in the potion EO blend and a choice of potion fizzy milk balls. After that the experts will cut your nail, clean them and file them. You can then choose your nail polish shade from 1000 different colors. Amazing right? I know it’s difficult to choose when you are given so many options. Well, you can always ask the experts which one will go with your complexion.
    • Enjoy a Delicious Meal
    Feeling hungry after a long day of roaming around in Bali? But don’t feel like having the same old burger and fries, seafood and other oily food that restaurants have to offer? No worries, there is the best restaurants in Canggu you can trust. No oily food and lots of variety. The amazing fact is, the food is healthy. Indulge in delicious salads, smoothies, drinks such as fruit juice, freshly prepared cocktail, organic tea and coffee all at one single place, AMO. The vegetables, fruits, and herbs used in the food item are grown in-house to give you a healthy meal throughout the day. With a wide range of tempting items in their menu, it only depends how much can you have in one go.
    • Bali ATV Ride
    Bali Island ATV has been operating in Bali since 1996 with a strong reputation for an excellent service, unlimited adventure and guaranteed fun it gives to its customers. If you have come across this website and wondering whether you should go for a quad biking ride, I would say you definitely should! Their technicians are well trained by international engineers and they maintain the wear and tear of the bike to give you an amazing riding experience. The guide team speaks English fluently, so you will never find yourself struggling to communicate with them. And the best part is ATV Bali ride follows international guideline safety rules and you will be given safety equipment and training before the ride starts. In case of any confusion simply approach the team and clarify your doubt. The staffs are friendly and always ready to help.
    • Luxury Villas
    Luxury is all we want during a holiday. Lots of pampering, relaxing, sleeping, fun and adventure. If this is the kind of holiday you look forward to, book your Bali luxury villas with Bali Villas and More. Every customer is important and so the villa staffs make sure you are treated with care and never left unattended. From the time you enter the villa till the time you leave; every staff member will make sure you have a comfortable stay. Enjoy the cool tropical breeze in the living room or take a dip in the tempting swimming pool, it’s your villa and you can do whatever you feel like. Have breakfast served in the neatly manicured garden while your feel rests comfortably on the soft grass or directly into your bedroom. It will be the holiday of your dreams.
    • Golf Course
    For golf lovers, a Bali golf course has a something special. Enjoy your favorite sport with a view of the sea, feel the sound of the tropical breeze blowing, waves splashing on the rocks and water flowing in the sea. The beautifully maintained green course lawn will make up your mind to play at least one round. You must have watched your favorite golf pro play on a course with views to die for. Now is your chance to experience the same. Book your slot with Bali Tours and More and enjoy this beautiful game. Some other activities to enjoy in Bali include: Improve your practice and find inner peace on a Bali yoga retreat.   Ride the rapids on a whitewater rafting trip.   Experience the thrill of the rides at Asia’s number 1 water park!   Cleanse yourself at the water temple.
    • Best Hotels in Seminyak
    Seminyak is a popular beachfront resort. It has the perfect combination of great restaurants, boutique shops nightlife, beach clubs and a great beach.  It’s perfect if you are with your spouse or family. You can spend some quality time, play in the golden sand with your kids, take awesome photos, take a dip in the tempting sea and get a tan. You’ll want to make sure you stay in the best hotels in Seminyak beach and Bali hotels and more are here to help.  
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