6 Foolproof ways to save money on travel

Traveling may have become common but the costs involved in a traveling trip are still somewhat in the high range. Of course, comparatively, they have gone down to some extent, especially with the introduction of new and innovative ideas. Extensive researches and experiences have helped travelers discover many secrets to save money. The heavy competition means even the sellers want to provide at least some incentive to keep the consumers interested and loyal. In this article, we list 6 foolproof ways to save money in a traveling trip.

  1. Book in advance

Advance booking may not work out in the case of impromptu traveling but it is a well-established fact that it helps greatly in terms of saving money. So if you are not a planner, you better become one for the sake of saving some bucks. Advance booking is especially helpful when it comes to airline tickets. The earlier you book your flight, the more you save. The closer you are to the date of departure, the more the fare.

  1. Purchase Miles Accounts

Airline Miles have now become hugely popular among travelers in the bid to save money. Even airlines now strive to make their program stand out to attract more flyers. Most frequent travelers maintain a miles account, buying, selling and redeeming accordingly. Those who are occasional flyers and are not familiar with miles can purchase miles accounts to benefit from the discounts offered. Air tickets and accommodation are arguably the biggest expense in a traveling trip. With miles, you can save money on both. Make sure you carry out a thorough research before entering a miles program.

  1. Opt for off-season traveling

This may not be the best idea and it sure does not work out for a lot of people, but if you can handle off-season traveling, you will save a huge amount of money. Your budget is likely to reduce drastically as fares, hotel prices and cost of tourist activities falls dramatically.

  1. Travel with a group

Traveling in a group means all expenses involved in travel are divided equally, thereby reducing the cost per person. Group traveling is not only cheap but can be very fun too as you get to bond and make friends as you travel across the world.

  1. Stay at a hostel

Hostels are the cheapest accommodation and realistically speaking, a bed is all you really need to crash at night after a day of exploring a city. If you wish to stay at a fancy hotel room, you can forget about saving money.

  1. Eat Cheap

The aggregate of eating three meals every day is quite a bit so you should be careful. Go for cheap eateries and stay away from touristy restaurants as they are normally a rip off. Street food is a great option as it is affordable and exciting too.


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