4 Things to Enjoy on a Morning Desert Safari tour

Experiencing the desert is a must for people traveling to Dubai anytime soon. The scenic views are absolutely breathtaking and you get a taste of nomadic life in the middle of the desert. The deserts of Dubai are also a perfect destination for people who are interested in various cultures and heritage. However, planning a Dubai tour is more of a headache than you think. Before you start exploring the red dunes, you need to choose a desert safari deal. There are all kinds of desert safari tour packages that offer different activities you can enjoy. But always remember that you will have to pay a hefty sum of money for high quality services. There are also budget friendly tour deals you can avail from and one of them is the morning desert safari tour.

Morning desert safari is perfect for people who cannot handle heat but still want to experience the desert. A pick and drop service will pick you up from your hotel in the early morning and the tour will end around noon. Meanwhile, here is a brief account of things you can enjoy on a morning desert safari tour.

Long Hours of Camel Riding

Camel riding is a must while touring the desert. Unfortunately, most evening and overnight desert safari packages include too many tourists and as a result, there is less time for each individual to ride the camel. However, on morning safari tours you can enjoy camel riding to your heart’s content. The ride is really fun, if a bit bumpy but you can be sure that you will get a first rate desert experience.

Exciting Quad Bike Experience

Another thing you can only do in a desert is quad biking. Every tour company provides packages that include dune bashing and quad biking. Choosing a morning desert safari with quad bike package means an ultimate dune bashing experience that is thrilling as well as exciting. As said earlier, the evening and overnight deals have too many tourists and the number of equipment is inadequate for them. You can only spend a few minutes riding the quad bike which doesn’t allow you to satisfactorily tour the premises. On morning tours, there are not many tourists and you can ride the quad bike to your satisfaction.

Meet a Falcon

Falconry refers to raising and rearing of falcons. This practice is native to Arabian countries and there are a number of pet centers present in Dubai which allows you to meet and spend time with falcons. A special feature of morning desert safari tour is that you can avail from this service but beware not all companies provide this feature.

Enjoy an Arab Breakfast

One thing to look forward to, on a morning desert safari tour is the Arabian breakfast. The tourism company will provide the breakfast as part of the deal and you can enjoy a mouth-watering meal. If you want to challenge your taste buds, then an elaborated breakfast with Arabian spices is your calling. Moreover, there is the traditional tea and coffee that you cannot miss.


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