Stunning places to watch Sunsets in India

  • Sunset viewpoint Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu
  • Taj Mahal, Agra
  • Palolem Beach, Goa, India
  • Leh Ladakh
  • Kochin
  • Ghats of Varanasi
  • Dal lake, Srinagar
  • Places to find best festivals, foods, and cuisines. Other than the natural beauty, India in itself has a unique flavor of unity in diversity. India is a unique blend of numerous cultures and traditions. All are different regarding food, clothing, rituals, etc. Thus, if you are planning a trip to India, never forget to taste all the different varieties of cuisine found in India. Festivals are another unique part of India. Indian festivals have their own identity. It is full of colors and joy.Thus, festivals and food are something that everyone must experience in India. Here is a collection of places you find great food and festivals. Festivals Maharashtra for Ganesh Chaturthi: It is a very grand celebration of the birthday of the Hindu God, Lord Ganesha. It is accompanied by a great procession carrying a gigantic idol of Lord Ganesha in the streets of Maharashtra accompanied with lots of delicious food, dance, and colors. Kerala for Onam: It is a ten -day long festival celebrated by people of Kerala. People make floral carpets in front of their houses and also make their traditional meal which comprises of more than 60 items. Kolkata for Durga Puja: This is another ten days long festival celebrating the glory of good over evil. Mysore for Dussera: Dussera and Durga pooja are the same. But Mysore has a different way of celebrating it. There is a big procession where the 750kg heavy idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari is carried by an elephant all over the city. North India for Holi: It is a festival of colors which is celebrated in all the parts of North India. Diwali is a festival celebrated by everyone in all the parts of India. It is the festival of lights. Food and cuisine The cuisine of every state is a must try in India. Yet there are few which should be tried at least once before you die. Rajasthani cuisine Indian Chaat Dosa of South India Hyderabadi biriyani Vada Pao of Mumbai Hilsa fish curry Punjabi lassi Getting around Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the fastest developing metro Politian city in India. It is called the silicon valley of India. It is a hub of all the tech parks. It is the best place for upcoming startups. People keep visiting this colossal city. A trip to Bangalore is a great idea because there are many beautiful places near Bangalore. Suppose you are traveling to Bangalore from Pune to Bangalore, Pune to Bangalore flights are readily available because Bangalore has the state of the art International Airport. It also has many places like Mysore, Srirangapatna, Nandi hills, Shivana Samudra waterfalls, Coorg, etc. linked to it. Thus, this vacation, just book your Pune to Bangalore flights and head to Bangalore. Thus all the above places can be visited for having a dream vacation.]]>

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