Changes to Skilled Occupations Lists Flagged for Mid 2018

sponsored applications and also General Skilled Migration. The occupations which are on the STSOL have been already flagged for removal from the list entirely are:

  • 133411 Manufacturer
  • 211499 Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec
  • 212312 Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)
  • 212314 Film and Video Editor
  • 212315 Program Director (Television or Radio)
  • 212316 Stage Manager
  • 212317 Technical Director
  • 212318 Video Producer
  • 241311 Middle School Teacher
  • 323215 Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic
  • 323316 Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer
  • 342411 Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)
  • 342413 Telecommunications Linesworker
  • 399211 Chemical Plant Operator
  • 399312 Library Technician
  • 411715 Residential Care Officer
  • 599612 Insurance Loss Adjuster
The following occupations of the MLTSSL which may be moved to the STSOL are:
  • 221112 Management Accountant
  • 234111 Agricultural Consultant
  • 312212 Civil Engineering Technician
The occupation which is currently on the STSOL will be moved to the MLTSSL:
  • 452411 Footballer
The occupations which are on the STSOL will be moved to the ROL will require the position of these to be based in the regional area of Australia:
  • 252312 Dentist
  • 253211 Anaesthetist
If an applicant is looking at an ENS Direct Entry application then most likely the occupation is flagged for removal from the MLTSSL and the candidate will no longer be eligible if he/she lodge the application after the changes take place. But a person who has applied before these changes have taken effect, the application will be processed even if the occupation is removed whilst the application is pending. If the occupation is removed from the skilled occupation list before the grant of the TSS application then you might get affected. If one has submitted their application after the changes and the TSS application is still pending when the list is changing then one would not be eligible for the grant of TSS. If the occupation is moved to ROL, before the lodgment of the TSS application and applicant’s position is not based in a regional area of Australia, then one would not be eligible for TSS. If the occupation has been moved between MLTSSL and ROL then the TSS validity period will be affected and also the options for employer sponsored permanent residence. The applicants who had their occupations removed from the skilled occupation list before receiving an invitation to apply for 489, 189, or 190 were no longer eligible to submit an application for either of the visas. This trend is expected to continue in the next round of changes. Applicants who had occupations moved between MLTSSL an STSOL have also been affecteted in terms of their options which have become limited or broadened depending on the list. This trend is also expected in the next round of changes. The applicants who have received the invitations to apply for 489, 189, or 190 before the next round of changes but have not yet lodged their application will remain eligible for the visa that they have been invited for. It is advised that if your occupation is on the list for possible removal then you should be looking at making your application for your visa as early as possible. If the occupation is removed then you can keep up to date with the proposed changes so that it may give you an opportunity to apply for either a TSS visa, ENS direct entry, 489, 189, or 190. You can easily make a submission to the review by visiting the Department of Jobs and Small Business website, the deadline is 20th June, 2018. Assessment of Eligibility Get your eligibility assessed by the experts of the best immigration consultants in Pakistan, Lalani& Associates. Visit our website and take the Free Assessment and start your immigration process to Immigration to Canada.]]>

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