About the St. James Club Antigua

all-inclusive resort stay of the Antiguan islands for you. Located towards the southeastern area of the coast at Antigua, this place is a large hundred acre area. Stacked with villas and clubs, this is arguably the best place to have an ambience resembling a club. Serving the tourists for a long time, it has built a reputation of its own as one of the most hospitable and facility rich vacation resort. They welcome families, couples, and singles and offer a variety of things to look up to. Book a holiday at the St James Club Antigua today! There are two white sand beaches in the area of the resort that not only give the tourists the view that they crave but also host a number of water sports and fun activities. Along with that, they have various swimming pools for the guests to relax. Treatments relating to salon and spa are not missed out by them either. Lastly, the resort would not be at its glory without their dining spaces which serve lip-smacking delicacies. Accommodation The St. James has a lot to offer in their store for the guests, with a wide variety of options in the rooms to choose from. Some of the highlighted features include beach access suites, terracotta flooring, suites with terraces and grand balconies. Most of the rooms are ample in space and strike to be luxurious at the very first glance. They welcome, families in 1600 square feet plus suites and couples in large luxury rooms. Singles or travellers can opt for budget rooms which are great as well. Lastly, the most talked about thing that they offer is their chain of villas. It is crafted with utmost luxury and fitted with all the amenities that you would require. This is perfect for honeymooners and people who want to do something special in their vacation. Dining Antiguan food is the highlight at St. James. However, they have made sure to enhance the stay of their guests with 4 distinct restaurants which run in-house. The Rainbow Garden is one such casual dining restaurant with the Caribbean feel to it. They serve at all times with a very casual dressing code. There is another such restaurant that offers to dine in casual with a summer dress code. The DockSider is a great choice for everyone who wants to enjoy the view of the Mamora Bay. This restaurant serves a dinner buffet with a lot of great dishes on the table. Lastly, the Piccolo Mondo is the luxury fine dining restaurant of St. James which boasts a variety on the menu and has a lot to offer in the wine section as well. Things to Do Families would be happy to know that they have a kid’s zone to keep the children occupied. They offer complimentary non motored water sports like kayaking, diving, surfing and marina tours. Tourists can also engage themselves in the distinct swimming pools or relax at the beach. St. James has not left out the land sports part and offer a gymnasium and tennis court for the guests to sweat it out. Most of the places in Antigua are close to each other so visiting heritage sites and fun places are very easy from here as well. Make your trip to Antigua worthwhile with St. James Club! For more info on Antigua visit the popular Antigua Blog Antigua on Trip Advisor]]>

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