Baroque, Food and Mediterranean: Palermo will share its secrets with you

Are you planning a visit to the charming Palermo, the Baroque capital of the South of Italy? We have a lot of suggestions that are waiting for you! Keep reading and discover a multitude of exciting places to visit, gastronomical tours, beaches, and where to rent those amazing Villas in Palermo, in the very hear of the city. Your dream destination is two minutes of reading away!    

Ladies and Gentlemen: Palermo, Italy

Palermo is considered the largest city in Sicily and is nonetheless the best destination for those who want to spend unforgettable days on the Italian island. Regardless of the time, you will have to explore the region, weeks of just a few days, the important thing is always to set up a detailed schedule and include the main attractions and tours you would like to visit: this way you won’t miss any of its graces.

Churches and Palermo: Bread and Butter

As you may have noticed on your previous trip to Italy, churches are everywhere, but that is not it. The churches in Italy are not just a place where the believers gather in prayer; indeed: churches are spectacular, and they are attractions themselves. The churches of Palermo and most of the Italian cities are dazzling and full of details. Taking a stroll through each one of them is very interesting, so you will get to know the history of the city better and will be able to enjoy frescoes and major works by incredible artists from Europe and the world. The most famous church in Palermo, for example, is the Duomo di Palermo: is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, dating back to 600 AD. (although its present structure was completed in 1185). Taking a tour in it is like going back in time; after all, its building embraces centuries of history. Here, the tip is to be dazzled by the altar, all covered in silver, right in the center of the basilica, or even enjoy a breath-taking view on the terrace of the place. If you like this style, the Baroque Palermo includes some other sites. For example, in St. Catherine, you can admire the beautiful chapels in full rococo style, and at the Church of Jesus, a Jesuit jewel, there are richly decorated interiors. Not only that, among the unmissable monuments of Palermo’s Baroque sculpture is the fountain of Garraffo, created by the sculptor Gioacchino Vitaliano.

Gastronomic Tours in Palermo

You can’t miss those considered the best restaurants in the city and having a wine tasting at the wineries in the area. The local cuisine is influenced by two fundamental elements: the beautiful sea and the sun that heats the Sicilian lands. The combination of these two factors makes the gastronomic offer of Palermo incredibly lively and unforgettable. Sandwiches with Panelle, Sfincione, Arancini, Cold Cuts, and typical cheeses are some of the dishes that characterize the city of Palermo as the long Sicilian tradition wants. And don’t forget the street-food. Palermo’s street-food is unique in its kind, because it was born a long, long time ago, prepared on the ground floor of the houses using the leftovers of the sumptuous meals of the rich, today has remained overbearing to bear witness to a history of centuries made of rulers, customs and local ingredients thanks to which those who taste it, whether a Sicilian or a tourist, is fully connected with the cultural heritage of Sicily.

In which Area of Palermo Should You Stay?

We recommend to rent your Villa in the center of Palermo: it has a centric position and thus is close to everything. It is very well served by public services and in this area, there are many interesting places to make your stay, both in terms of quality and economic availability. The Capo district is also a reliable choice for renting amazing and beautiful Villas in Palermo: close to the most central part of the city. It is concentrated between Quattro Canti, the Cathedral, the Palace of Justice and the Teatro Massimo. It is a neighborhood of rare beauty: next to the architectural splendor is the abundance of the Cape market in which there are stalls full of Sicilian delicacies. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next stay in Sicily and enjoy this wonderful island full of magnificent surprises!]]>

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